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Pilgrims English Language Courses

Pilgrims English Language Courses

What Our Clients Say



"In only 1 week in Pilgrims I achieved something I have never been able to achieve in 10 years of courses before: being confident!"   Eric - Director of energy company, France.

"Probably it is the best of the best because they are not afraid to experiment and are always creating new methods of training."   Anton - Steel Production company owner, Russia.

"If you are looking for more than an English course..... this is THE BEST CHOICE!  While you are improving your English you will be learning about who you are.  Don't doubt..... This is your course"   Carmen - Othodontist and Doctor, Spain.

"You can achieve whatever you want with this school."  Mariusz - Cable company, Poland.



"The school surprised me because it wasn't like a school.  I learned a lot of English and that it is easy to use it"   Torsten - Manager, Germany.

"I am happy with this experience:  It is useful to win against fear!!!"  Silvia - Director, Italy.

"I would recommend taking a course because:  It improves your English, It broadens your horizons, It makes you "get to the bottom" of things, It is fun"   Anke - IT Consultant Airline Industry, Germany.

"A perfect school for relaxing about your English and enjoying using it"   Laura - Educational Consultant, Italy.

"Pilgrims is a good place to be.  A lot of fun and a lot of progress in a short time. Pilgrims is a different way to find your own way."   Marie-Claude - Sales Director, France

"Pilgrims welcomes you just the way you are!"   Satu, Finland.

"The Pilgrims course is fantastic because thanks to this I learned English very fast.  Now I'm very happy because I learned English is 2 weeks."   Matteo - Project Engineer, Italy.

"A school without boundaries which made the best come out of me."   David, Spain.

"Pilgrims is not simply a normal language school.  That makes them so effective. They motivate you in such a way that it gives you the confidence to make your English FLOW. You don't "suffer" studying English.  You enjoy it a lot and realise what you are able to do, which is more than you think!  Your FEAR to communicate disappears.  I love it!"   Juan - Business Owner, Spain.

"Such unbelievable training, I would never have though it. Billions of thanks!"  Sylvie - Researcher, France.