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Pilgrims English Language Courses

Pilgrims English Language Courses

Stephanie Ballotto

Plenary: Let us start them at age 6!  “Well begun is half done” 
Content-based learning from the beginning…CLIL-ing along happily in Primary school. To go hand in hand with the importance of bilingualism and multilingualism in the 21st.Centuary.
Why teach curriculum subjects in English at such an early age?
Meaningful communication is one of the main aims of content–based learning. Our pupils are more motivated to learn a new language. It challenges their thinking skills, makes demands on both learners and teachers to understand new concepts and supports teaching carried out in the first language curriculum. It provides a rich linguistic experience and at the same time challenges the learners cognitively.
From theory to practice.
An interactive talk with lots of examples to support the theory, take stock of what we already do as teachers and stop worrying about anxiety, which may be caused by twenty- eight reading ages, personal histories, learning styles, idiolects, interests and preferences in first language, let alone in second or third language.Some straightforward and achievable answers to the many complex questions, which our already over-loaded job asks.And eventually you need a life of your own. 
Together we shall experience the joy of differentiation, inclusion and content- learning in our bilingual or multilingual classrooms.
Workshop : “Kangaroos can hop and jump”
A variety of demo–lessons.
Planning, curriculums and frameworks.
How to be led by our learners into their knowledge of the topics dealt with; “Finding out” and developing their,“Thinking skills” then the final task, “Round up” which encourages the learners to think about what they have learned and still need to understand about the subject.
How to tackle the language issues at this stage.
Time to be creative
Be a child and explore the fun of learning about when sharks got teeth and that snails slither and Kangaroos hop, do a number and shape dance, make a book and a bookmark and simply enjoy learning about the REAL world and get them ready for the future.
A colourful, active workshop exploring and learning about our children’s world. Let us be creative, see the world through the eyes of our young learners, and be the teacher in role.