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Pilgrims English Language Courses

Pilgrims English Language Courses

Limerick City

Limerick, Ireland’s third largest city, was founded by Vikings in 812. It is in the mid south west of Ireland, a two hour drive from Dublin.

Limerick was Ireland’s first city of culture and this can be experienced in world renowned museums such as the Hunt Museum which holds paintings by Picasso and Renoir and the Limerick City Gallery of Art. The city also boasts an old historic quarter featuring magnificent Georgian architecture.

The city has a population of just under 100,000 inhabitants and sits on the banks of Ireland’s longest river, the Shannon, as it passes into an estuary heading for the wild Atlantic Ocean. The city has excellent rail and bus services to Dublin and at 200 km, is a little more than a two hour drive by car. It is approximately 100 km from Galway going north and the same for Cork city going south.

Click here for a map of the city.