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Pilgrims English Language Courses

Pilgrims English Language Courses

Chaz Pugliese

Plenary: Forget the 'best' method: The case for Principled Creative Teaching. 
In this participatory talk I will argue that teachers should abandon the quest for the perfect method, which is clearly a chimera, and focus instead on developing their own Creativity. But what are we talking about when we’re talking about Creativity? Misconceptions abound. While clearly no panacea, no Harry Potter-ish  magic potion, I will explain why Principled Creative Teaching  may  prove nevertheless very effective, and I will offer numerous strategies for Creativity Development.
Workshop: How Can I Motivate my Students? 
Motivation is a vast and complex phenomenon. In this very practical workshop, I will not attempt to provide a list of tips which would inevitably be shallow, simplistic and would fail to do justice to such an important topic. Instead, we will first look at what the students themselves say is de/motivating (there’s no shortage of literature on motivation!). We will then focus on the key notions of challenge, flow, and pedagogic surprise. Participants will experience a great deal of exercises they can do with their own students so they will walk away with more classroom ammunition as well as a wider understanding of key motivational issues.