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Pilgrims English Language Courses

Pilgrims English Language Courses

Welcome to Pilgrims

Pilgrims is a Teacher Training organisation founded by Mario Rinvolucri in 1974.  The school is based on humanistic principles as elaborated by Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow et al. Essentially, humanistic education emphasises the potential of each learner and is based on a vision of what drives human beings, individually.
Humanistic education further highlights heuristic learning which buttresses
critical thinking skills, reinforcing self-esteem and enabling individuals to realise their fullest human potential.

Contact Us

OISE, trading as Pilgrims, 71 bis rue de Vaugirard 75006 Paris France

T: +3356080861E:

14, Friars Entry, Oxford OX1 2B2

T: +44 1227 762111E: