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Your Accommodation

There is a choice of accommodation to suit your needs.

Summer Courses at the University of Kent at Canterbury

1. Residential With Private Bathroom
Stay in a basic student bedroom in the college with a
private shower and toilet. Includes bed and breakfast.

£390 per week 
£780 per 2 weeks 

2. Self-Catering
Share a house on campus with up to 6 other teachers
and cook your own meals.

£195 per week 
£390 per 2 weeeks

Click here for a 360' Map

House Sharing
If you would like to share a Parkwood house with a friend or colleague, please let us know at least 4 weeks before you arrive in Canterbury. However due to Pilgrims policy of mixing nationalities, house sharing cannot be guaranteed.

Bring an adapter plug for electrical items e.g. mobile phone charger or hairdryer. 
Note: The UK uses 3-pin electrical square plugs and operates on 220-240 volts.