• Release your creativity
  • Inspirational trainers
  • Engaging and effective training
  • Communicate freely
  • Continuous professional development
  • Innovative ideas to motivate your students
  • Meet teachers from over 30 countries
  • Unlock your potential
  • Inspiring international community
  • Learn by doing
  • Practical ideas to take home with you
  • Be the teacher you want to be
  • Relaxing atmosphere

Organise a Pilgrims Teacher Training event in YOUR country


  • You choose the content
  • You provide the venue
  • You choose the dates to suit you
  • You choose the number of days to suit you

... It's your choice!

We will send one (or more) of our trainers to you for a Pilgrims Teacher Training Event in your country!

We can hold seminars for up to 40 teachers, this is a really cost effective way to give your teachers the possibility to experience the Pilgrims difference!

If you would like a Pilgrims Teacher Training Event in your country, please contact jim@pilgrims.co.uk to see how we can meet your specific needs.


Here are just some of our past and current projects:

PILGRIMS TURKEY IS LAUNCHED! We'll be running some of our favorite Teacher Training courses in Istanbul over the next few months! Full info at www.pilgrimsturkey.com

Greenland, Inerisaavik, Centre for Education: Annual two week training courses for a variety of teachers.

Denmark Education Authorities: Annual two week training courses plus other workshops for Secondary and Adult teachers.
Spain: Two week course for Primary teachers in Puebla de Sanabria plus a one month training tour of the region for Primary, Secondary and Adult teachers in association with the Junta de Castilla y Leon.
Belgium: Annual four day course for Secondary teachers in association with the Ministry of Education.
Germany: Training workshops for Secondary and Adult teachers.
Luxembourg: Regular two day workshops for Secondary teachers with the Ministry of Education.
Italy: Regular training workshops for schools all over the country including the British School chain and an annual four day course for LEND in Cuneo.
Croatia: One week long courses for teachers at the Vern Polytechnic in Zagreb and workshops for Profil International.
Mexico: Training courses for teachers of Business English and Secondary teachers.
Turkey: Annual workshops, courses and conference presentations all over the country in association with Pearson Longman. A one week course for the Primary Private Fatih Schools and another for the Terakki School both in Istanbul.
France: Language seminars and workshops for AFPA for various teachers across the country plus two day workshops for the Centres d’Etude de Langues, Chambre de Commerce.
The Netherlands: Training workshops for Primary Teachers at Earlybird and other schools in association with the European Platform.
Switzerland: Regular two day training workshops for HEP-BEJUNE and other institutions including WBZ.
Sweden: Workshops for Secondary teachers in various schools plus a seminar for the LMS.

You can choose topics such as:

Grammar is Too Serious Not to be Fun (secondary/adult learners) Stress Management for Teachers (All)
Teaching Vocabulary (s/a) Teaching with Fewer or No Materials (s/a)
Creative Writing (s/a) Spoken Grammar (s/a)
Making the Most of your Coursebook (s/a) Creativity for Teachers (s/a)
Leadership and Management Skills (all) Coaching for Teachers (all)
Teaching the Very Advanced (s/a) Dealing with Difficult Learners (all)
The Motivated Classroom (s/a) CLIL for Primary, Secondary or Universities
Teaching People with Special Needs Group Dynamics (s/a)
How to Teach Culture (s/a) Teaching  Pronunciation (s/a)

Multiple Intelligences (all)

Successful Presentations for Language Teachers (s/a)

Latest Trends in ELT (all)

Language and Methodology for Primary Teachers (p)

Language and Methodology for Secondary Teachers (s)

Teaching through Technology (s/a)

NLP & Coaching for the EFL Classroom (all)

Drama for Teachers (all)

Methodology for Business English (a)

 and many more...!

Here are just a few of our trainers and some of their specialist skills:

Stefania Ballotto on Primary, CLIL and Multiple Intelligences
Mike Shreeve on NLP and Coaching
Paul Davis on Spoken Grammar, Culture and General Methodology
Adrian Underhill and Tim Bowen on Pronunciation 
Judit Feher, Magda Zamorska and Mojca Belak on Secondary Teaching and Teaching advanced students
Stefania Ballotto, Sandra Piai, and more on Teaching Young Learners from Kindergarten to Primary and CLIL for Primary
Sandra Piai, Hania Kryszewska and Judit Feher on CLIL for Secondary
Hannia Krszewska on Teacher Training and CLIL for Universities
Isil Boy, Daniel Martin and Julie Wallis on Technology
Robert Gillain and on Leadership
Gabrielle Hirthe on Teaching English to Business People
Peter Dyer and Mark Almond on Drama and Group Dynamics

Our team of trainers comprises of over 30 trainers, based all over the world, who bring with them a wealth of real life experience gained from training in many different countries and many different situations.

They will motivate and inspire your teachers!