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Latest Testimonials

The latest testimonials from Pilgrims English Language Courses
  • Jonas Sillmann

    Posted: 25/01/12

    Age 14, Germany

    Young Learners course, Malvern College, July 2011

    'Thank you for the wonderful time'


  • Sergio Gazeau

    Posted: 01/12/11

    The "Orchestrated" Course

    Sergio Gazeau 
    Travel and Tuition

    9th - 13th January 2012

    "I have enjoyed my time with at Pilgrims. You are doing a very nice job and for me it has been a five stars experience."

  • Alexander Plyuschev

    Posted: 01/12/11

    The "Orchestrated Course"


    Alexander Plyuschev
    Journalist RIA Novosti

    “My days spent at Pilgrims helped me in my job and everyday life. “Relax and be confident" works for me every day, even when I speak Russian. And I will gladly recommend Pilgrims to my colleagues.” 

    To find out more about Alex's experience at Pilgrims you can visit his blog.

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