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Latest Testimonials

The latest testimonials from Pilgrims English Language Courses
  • Darya Penchilova

    Posted: 31/01/12

    The "Orchestrated" Course

    Darya Penchilova 
    Head of Internet Projects Promotion Division
    RIA Novosti

    "I remember with pleasure my two weeks at Pilgrims, I miss everyone at Pilgrims and I will recommend your courses to everyone. You are wonderful!"

  • Philippe Job

    Posted: 31/01/12

    The "Orchestrated" Course 

    Philippe Job
    Sales Manager, DB Apparel

    "...I will never forget 'human doing, human being'. I started my presentation with these words: My hope is that we all feel confident, positive and  open to the possibility of our success. And I finished the presentation with the following: I am really motivated to succeed in this challenge. If we succeed it will not be YOUR success, it will not be MY success but it will be OUR success!!! Thank you Pilgrims, for your help and support during my week there"

    September 2011 

  • Mirna Gabersnik

    Posted: 27/01/12

    Parent of Mirna Gabersnik, age 16, Croatia

    Young Learners course, University of Kent, July 2009

    'My daughter was attending your course this summer! She came back home really delighted with the school and the atmosphere. I would like to thank you, me personally and on her behalf, for the great experience she had'.

  • Arina Goloshchapova

    Posted: 27/01/12

    Parent of Arina Goloshchapova; age 10, Russia

    Young Learners course, Kent College Pembury, August 2009

    'I would like to thank you and especially the team at Kent College for the wonderful and enjoyable time, that my daughter had there early this month. Arina also told me that she would go next year again in that camp and for even longer'.

  • Helena Kokkinou

    Posted: 27/01/12

    Parent of Helena Kokkinou; Age 15, Greece

    Young Learners course, University of Kent, July 2011

    'Helena has had a wonderful time and she will come again next year'


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